Why now?

Hi Friend,

Got time for a story?

I’ll be quick, I promise (less than 4 min).

The most important story you tell is the story you tell yourself.

In 2019, I read The Artists Way by Julia Cameron.

I’d heard that Julia’s method was fantastic for realizing your creative dreams, and I wanted a writing career.

My soul ached for it.

The Artist’s Way Starter Kit came with a workbook full of assignments, with the primary assignment of a daily writing practice called Morning Pages.

Your Morning Pages can be about anything…

You just have to write three pages, longhand, about whatever is on your mind.

She recommends when all else fails, you write positive affirmations or describe your dream life.

So I did.

I wrote:

“I am a successful short story author. I live in a modest home on the ocean in Hawaii. I start my day each morning at 5 am practicing tai chi on the beach. I meditate, have my breakfast, and then write until noon.”

The description went on, of course, and when I got to the end of the description, I would write it again.

Over and over, I wrote my dream life until I had filled my three Morning Pages.

After about six months of this daily practice, I ran into some bumps…

Life got hectic… My work situation changed, and I had to regroup.

In my hustle to make ends meet, I stopped writing my morning pages.

I guess I put my dream life on hold while I took care of more practical matters.

Well, guess what?

Practical matters never end, but Life? ...Life ends.

And always sooner than we think

My father-in-law fell ill, so my wife Keylea traveled to Florida to be with him at the hospital.

A month after Keylea left, I followed, leaving our house in wintery Michigan to be with Keylea and support her as she gracefully walked her father home. May he rest in peace.

Not too many days ago, here and now, in 2023...nearly 5 years after I quit writing my Morning Pages...

At 5 am

While practicing tai chi at the edge of my father-in-law’s pool, I realized....

“I am a writer living in Florida. Each morning I wake and begin my day poolside, practicing tai chi. I meditate, have some breakfast, and write until noon.”

And it came true.

It’s not Hawaii, of course…and I’m writing web copy, emails, and articles—not short stories...

But the similarities…

So what happened? Why did I fall short?


I think I just didn’t believe enough.

I didn’t believe the story I was telling myself enough to keep telling it — to keep writing my Morning Pages.

I hope you learn your lesson, Mr. D’Arcy.

That’s what the judge said after sentencing me to four years in prison.

“I hope you learn your lesson.”

It seemed so... ‘parental,’ I don’t know, like something you’d say to a child.

But it stuck with me.

And I thought about that phrase a lot during my prison experience, and I’ve continued thinking about it long after.

Oh, the many lessons I’ve learned over the years.

My greatest lesson:

One of the greatest lessons I’ve ever learned...is that I’m constantly learning the same lessons again and again.

No matter how hard I work and what I learn, sooner or later...I forget.

That must be what it is because I always seem to find myself in familiar situations, and that’s when I realize...

“You know better than this. You’ve learned this lesson before.”

Does it seem that way to you?

So, today, February 6th, 2023—exactly 10 years after my sentencing, I’d like to offer you something and ask a small favor of you in return, if that’s alright.

I’m starting a newsletter.

...and I’d really like you to be part of it.

Truth Be Told is a reader-supported publication. To receive new posts and support my work, consider becoming a free or paid subscriber.

Truth Be Told is a reader-supported publication. To receive new posts and support my work, consider becoming a free or paid subscriber.

Truth Be Told is a reader-supported publication. To receive new posts and support my work, consider becoming a free or paid subscriber.

I’m publishing short stories and lessons I’ve learned from a long life of missteps, mistakes, and misadventures.

Some of my stories and most of my lessons will be familiar to you.

But that’s okay because sometimes we just need to be reminded, and I’d like to be that reminder for you.

I promise not to spam you, sell you, or be a pest.

I wouldn't dare.

Because I've invited all the people I know, like, and trust to join me here.

Everyone I admire, respect, and learn from.

The friendships I cherish most.

Most of my friends are people I've met in a course or group where we honed our writing, marketing, and storytelling skills.

We learned to choose ourselves, take risks, hold each other accountable, and support one another.

And after everything we’ve shared—after all the things we’ve learned together and after all I’ve learned from them specifically...

I want to pay it forward by being that friendly reminder of lessons learned and the power of storytelling.

Would you please consider signing up?

It would mean the world to me because I know that when there’s a chance that you might read my work, I do really good work—work that I’m proud of.

And if I can support you and your work...please let me know how.

Thanks for being my friend and supporter.

I promise I won’t abuse the privilege.