Hi, I’m Paul.

Student of Story and fan of short fiction. Memoir-based fiction is my favorite.

Maybe it happened to you. Maybe it didn’t. Maybe you were just there. Or maybe it happened, and you can’t remember exactly who said what, but you know it happened. For sure, it happened.

I’ve been telling stories like this my entire life — so have you.

Difference is most of mine have been lies.

But not anymore.

Now I tell the truth — even if the truth is hard to tell.

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I use short stories, anecdotes, and fiction to reveal the lessons I’ve learned.

And I share them with you because who knows…?

Maybe you could use a helpful reminder from time to time too. 😉

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Short Stories from a Long Life of Misadventure


Tells stories. All real. Having a damn good fucked up life just doing the next right thing.