Misadventures in short story

Misadventures in short story

We've all got stories.

Some we like to tell, and others we keep to ourselves.

My stories are wild, crazy, and a bit dangerous.

They're all true, these stories of mine, or at least as true as I can tell them.

One of these days, I'll collect them in a book, but I'm publishing them here for now and hope you'll join me.

Tell me what you like and what you hate about my stories.

They're short.

It won't take you long.

Tell me what you think

Life is too short for long stories

I once heard someone say, "Life is too short for long stories," and it stuck. And I've been hooked ever since.

I enjoy the short stories of Tobias Wolff, Chuck Palahniuk, Tim O'Brien, Amy Hempel, and Bret Easton Ellis, among others.

Hell, I even like Hemingway's work–although I'm not sure I understand it.

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